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Looking for Dental makes communication on the Internet rapid and effective is an independent portal aiming at the international dental market. The portal intends to bring market parties, such as manufacturers, distributors and consumers efficiently together by operating as a global meetingpoint. offers many tools for the purpose of establishing contact between distributors, manufacturers and consumers like a professional database with information of most dental related companies throughout the world with an easy search option, online product information and dental news.

Tools offered are:

All tools are to use by your (free) company registration for the amount of € 150,- per year. Access with your login.
Advertisement and bannering on request.

Our latest service is a database specially to support students with their jobsearch. can also offer individual dental companies:
Hosting of possible individual dentalsites
Advice on e-marketing was launched in July 2004 and intends to grow in the forth coming years to a major news and information portal for the dental market. For further information you can contact Hans Dijk, director by

Do you miss an item, or do you have individual wishes or suggestions, please click here to contact us.

Beste regards,

Hans R. Dijk

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Contact me vi porta le informazioni circa i fornitori, i distributori dentali e le mostre. Ma ci sono più. Ultime notizie, lavori, collegamenti, nuovi prodotti e una tribuna. Un Web site per le informazioni su dentale. Siete cercare dentali?

Ci sono uno adress:

Contact me le causa la información fabricantes, distribuidores dentales y exposiciones. Pero hay más. Las noticias más últimas, trabajos, acoplamientos, productos nuevos y un foro. Un Web site para la información sobre dental. ¿Es usted el buscar dental?

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Contact me приносит вам информацию о изготовлениях, зубоврачебных раздатчиках и выставках. Но больше. Запоздалаяа новость, работы, соединения, нового изделие и форум. Одно website для информации о зубоврачебном. Вы смотрите для зубоврачебного?

Будет adress одно:

Contact me vous apporte l'information au sujet des fabricants, des distributeurs dentaires et des expositions. Mais il y a plus. Les dernières nouvelles, les travaux, les liens, les nouveaux produits et un forum. Un site Web pour les informations sur dentaire.

Êtes-vous recherche dentaire ?

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Contact me traz-lhe a informação sobre fabricantes, distribuidores dentais e exhibitions. Mas há mais. A notícia a mais atrasada, os trabalhos, as ligações, produtos novos e um forum. Um Web site para a informação sobre dental. É você procurar dental?

Há um adress:

Contact me


Contact me


Contact me

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Cosmetic dental clinics - Dental Surgery - General Dentist(ry) - Endodontist - Implantologists - Kids dentists - Oral hygienics - Orthodontics Periodontists - Student dentistry - Veterinarian - Whitening / bleaching clinics

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